The benefits of this transnational project will be twofold: a shift in attitudes alongside with the developed transversal and 21st century skills for students and the exchange of good practices as well as joint end results in the form of an ebook for teachers. The results for the JSEs are the RRC ebook based on innovative
teaching methods and ICT and dissemination magazines including materials developed for the learning and training events – prior, during and after activities.

The application Learning Designer will be used for developing PBL lesson plans which will be included in the RRC ebook.


The RRC ebook will be used as a reference in new projects to be started at each school. Teachers will expand their horizons and develop their active citizenship skills and healthy relationships. Closely working with colleagues from different parts of Europe will raise teachers’ awareness of their belonging to the European cultural heritage and inspire them to teach their students joint positive values of EU. They will continue this international cooperation via eTwinning projects and in this way continue developing the European network. Teachers will help school introduce the European dimension. After having observed, exchanged experiences and then taught a lesson to a group of foreign students, teachers will improve their English language skills but also their digital skills. Teachers will feel confident and
ready to introduce change to their current teaching practice.

Teachers will have presented their lesson plans on problem based learning to their colleagues. After discussing and improving them, they will submit them for the RRC ebook. They will also add any accompanying materials designed and / or improved during the event. This ebook will be published and available online: each partner school’s website, project’s website and social networks as well as in the eTwinning group. It will be reference materials for all teachers interested.

The RRCebook will be available online to all interested teachers and there will be each country’s coordinator’s email with the invitation to all teachers to contribute with their lesson plans or so that they can suggest improvements for the published lesson plans.