The RRC e-magazine will be published after each students learning event. Students will share their experiences in five issues of RRC e-magazine issued after each
SLE and shared blog written by all students involved in activities. RRC e-magazines will help increase schools’ visibility especially when it comes to enrollment of new students. Together with the blog, they will be a good reference when preparing for future SLEs.

Contributions for the RRC e-magazine will be made by students participating in the preparation activities: presentation preparations and opening ceremonies.
Students who travel will on the last day of the events work in international groups on the RRC e-magazine – they will be choosing the material collected during our activities.
All the contributions will be put in google Disc folder and then edited and revised. The finished issues will be published after each event.
The RRC e-magazine will be available online and it will be used as teaching material in Citizenship Education.
The RRC e-magazine will be revised and discussed at the beginning of the second event, so students will be encouraged to read them as part of the preparation for the event.