The RRC film will be published after each students’ learning event.

Students will be filming their activities in all phases and the small practical camera will enable them to capture some key moments showing bonds being made and attitudes being changed. The film will be used in project evaluation and dissemination activities but also available online for other schools to use them when teaching about active citizenship.

When editing the film of the event, students will try to focus on scenes reflecting other people’s needs and students’ responses to these needs. The aim is to show students’ growth in realising the importance of other people’s needs as well as their capability to do something about it.

The results will be augmented reality games and a film of the drama performance. Students will film students engagement in preparatory activities and their interaction with international partners. The film will show students learning something new and trying to use something new in a new environment and on a new topic while working with new people.

Using GoPro camera students will make behind the scenes film showing students’ reactions and the learning processes as well as their readiness to be tolerant and
equally share responsibilities with the team. This film will be a good reference for classroom use when teaching about democracy but also tolerance and acceptance.


EU and Environmentally Friendly Young Citizen


Raising Democracy and Augmented Reality 


EU and the Future of Democracy


“Volunteering as an Exercise of Democracy” 



First day of RRC Erasmus plus virtual meeting in Poland

Second day of RRC Erasmus plus virtual meeting in Poland

RRC Erasmus plus students on-line meeting Reszel, Poland

Virtual meeting of RRC Erasmus plus teenagers. Polish students presented Reszel and their school virtually to their peers.

Teachers on virtual meeting taking part in workshops, learning about ICT based teaching/learning and flipping classrooms.

POLAND🇵🇱, virtual blended activity JSE: New Methodology: ICT-Based Approach to Competence Based TeachingEvent

During the events, students will be filming all the activities they took part in
and also some parts of their team work to show how their teamwork skills
changed. The aim is to disseminate the activities and the changes in attitudes
and opinions. The films are supposed to show the changes in students’
behaviour as well as in their relationship to one another.
On the last day of the events international group of students will be working
on choosing the parts to be included in the films – the ones that will best
reflect the about activities and the changes in attitudes. These will be put in
google Disc folder and then edited. The finished film will be published after
During the SLEs in Portugal and Greece, students will be filming role play
and simulation of the parliament. These will be edited and published after the
Evaluation: The films will be available online and it will be used as teaching