1)  SLE – Student learning event: EU and Environmentally Friendly Young Citizens

All partner schools will integrate improved active citizenship education activities with the emphasis put on environmentally friendly responsible behavior developed during this learning event into their Curriculum and Annual Plans. Students will give presentations, work in teams and be environmentally friendly by planting the trees. They will create e-magazines, blogs and film. Participants will be later better motivated to work in eTwinning project which will be started after the first learning event because they have met the students they will continue cooperation virtually.

Furthermore, the participants will share their experience and new skills and competences with other members of extracurricular groups like school newspapers, film and radio groups, craft and arts groups, drama groups and young volunteers, and the new activities will be included in their working plans. Students will use GoPro camera to film the events for the film on what participants have learned during the event: in creating the QR codes and planting the trees but also the growth of international relationships.

2) JST – Joint Staff Meeting: New Methodology: PBL as a Tool of Increasing Students’      Engagement

All schools recognised the need to modernise their teaching methods and make their teaching more student-centered and include non-formal education into their daily practice. In activities in this JSE teachers will focus v on PBL teaching method applicable to all subjects thus making lessons more interdisciplinary. This in turn will encourage the development of their transversal skills. Teachers will develop their 21st century skills which will give them confidence to incorporate project work in their School Curriculum and Annual Plan. They will cooperate with their colleagues creating PBL lesson plans, exchanging examples of good practices, giving lessons and participating in job shadowing. This will encourage them to make eTwinning projects a part of their Curriculum. Field trips are part of our current Annual Plan but there is room for improvement by making them more involving and educational. Teachers will learn how to do this while preparing for the https://write-essayservice.com/ Plitvice Lakes outdoor activity. The application Learning Designer will be used for developing PBL lesson plans which will be included in the RRC ebook.