1) Students got to know each other in the Forum section on TwinSpace of the RRC project. They uploaded their digital posters and infographics they produced and commented on each other’s work.

2) Students finished Lino activity: Show how environmentally friendly you are.


3) Students prepared presentation of their school’s project and presented it to each other in the international groups of teachers and students.

Croatia: School Ecological-Humanitarian Project

Portugal: A Drop in Need is a Drop Indeed


Poland: A Traditional Orchard



4) Students took active part in environmentally friendly activities at their school or in the local community.

Croatia:  Project Ban Čepić is humanity and ecological project which has started in November 2015 with the object is to animate students and teachers, and also all the citizens, to collect caps. Plastic caps have been donated Udruga, whom than sell them and with that money, they are buying expensive drugs. In our school, there are many actions, like Easter’s, Christmas’s, Valentine’s Day, and at the end of the school year. During the last three year, there were five packages. The first package was delivered personally to Udruga June 1st, 2016, and was over 1 000 kilograms. In the next four packages, it was sent over 2 500 kilograms of caps. The project is recognized in the local community and it became a big collection center. Some of the organizations who are also collecting caps are Kindergarten Vrtuljak, Primary school Kupljenovo, Museum for art Zagreb, Global Lingua Zaprešić, Institut for medical research Zagreb and etc. This project is not time-limited. You can join in every moment. Also, all the information you can get on our Facebook page – Ban Čepić.

Regarding our third birthday, we had a creative workshop in our City library Ante Kovačić on November 19th, 2018. The creative workshop was open for all citizen, but most of the participants were our students and small children. They were coloring jars. You can check what it was like here.



Students of renewable energy sources department designed a mobile charger powered by solar  panels. The object of the project is to make students, teachers and local community aware that all of us can be friendly  to the environment 🙂