Dissemination in Portugal:


School level:

* August 2018 – The school was informed about the Grant received for the Erasmus+ prohject – Raising Responsible Citizens


* September 2018 

Informação sobre o projeto – setembro2018.doc


* September 2018 – Decision about the teachers involved in the project in a Clube Europeu meeting

Professores Participantes:

Carlos Gomes

Cristina Silva

Mário Santos

Ana Sofia Garcia

Inês Gonçalves

Beatriz Tomé


* September 2018 – The rules for participating in the project

Regulamento RRC.doc

                      School’s website

                      Clube Europeu placard


* September 2018 – Project’s Logo Contest



* The most voted logos in Portugal 


* October 2018 – The participant students in the project


* The weekly meetings of the participant students and teachers


* November 2018 – Meeting in Croatia

Video of the Mobility

* January 2019:  Interview with the President of the Students’ Association: Inês Carreira


* March 2019 – Meeting in Greece


Local level: 

* October 2018 – Meeting with our students’ participants’ parents about the idea and goals of the project.


December 2018 – The Project goes local



* CMB Carta


* May 2019 Related to the project RRC, our students participated in a  Volunteering Fund Raising initiative 

A imagem pode conter: texto

A imagem pode conter: 2 pessoas, pessoas a sorrir


June2019  Environmental actions in Benavente


Our students and community in general participated in a walk around our small village. During the walk, all the participants were asked to pick trash from the floor. So, we were able to gather a few kilos of unwanted trash from the countryside near our small village. The walk lasted for an hour and a half and at the end of the walk, everybody could participate in a huge Zumba class, near the river that bathes Benavente.

It was an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the environment and a way to contribute to an healthier lifestyle.



State level:

October, 2019

Radio Iris of Portugal made an interview with the coordinator of the porject in Portugal – teacher Cristina Silva – and some of the students involved in the project. This interview happened when the students and teachers involved in the project visited the Portuguese Parliament. 



International level: