Dissemination in Turkey 

School&Town Level


1. Information about a received grant for the Erasmus plus project – on the school FB -School and Town Education Department Website- 26.07.2018

Project Approval on School Website

2 .We announced the project will take place in our school – the poster at school

3.We made a project corner to introduce the project partners

4.We put a poster on the school wall showing that our school is involved in an Erasmus+ Project

5.We announced the logo contest
– the poster at school

6.School Level Logo Contest and creative logos of the students.

7.Finalist Logos at School Level

8.Winner Logo at School and Project Level by Elif Canan AĞIL

First Mobility to Croatia

9. We announced the students going to Croatia 

İrem ORDU-Bedirhan ŞAHİN-Güldane KOÇ

10.Croatia Meeting on Local Media

Croatia Meeting on Local Media

11. Memories from Croatia Meeting

Second Mobility to Greece
12.We annoumced the students going to Greece

13.Greece Meeting on Local Media

Greece Meeting on Local Media


14.Our group memories from Greece


15 . 3rd Mobility to Portugal

Singing in Portugal 

Dancing in Portugal


16. 4th Mobility to Turkey 

Video of the meeting