A second HPE6-A29 aim of the educational programme will be focused on mobile learning through games concentrating on democracy in past and future. It will include theoretical background by Greek Teachers and there will be display of educational material by Greek textbooks. Besides theoretical background, there will be role play and drama depicting democratic procedures. It is expected that through drama students will be aware of democratic values and they will see in practice how democracy functions. It is expected that drama will be an attractive teaching approach because students love team work and learning by doing. In addition, rehearsing a play in a ancient Greek theatre is expected to inspire and motivate the students.
Greek SALES-CLOUD-CONSULTANT teachers usually exploit theatre in their lessons, so Greek students are already familiar with theatre techniques and some of them have already performed in this location.. They will also take part in a role play as an approach to teaching with drama techniques.
Role playing and designing the augmented reality games will put into practice what students have learned during workshops and cultural trips. They are expected to use their creativity to represent a cultural aspect of Rhodes and their own country.
The results will be role play and drama related to democracy on the location of an ancient theatre. It is expected that besides the final product (filming) students will have the chance to act as real active citizens and will reinforce their learning about democracy and human values.