Students Learning Event will be focused on mobile learning through games concentrating on augmented reality games. They will take part in a role play as an approach
to teaching with drama techniques.
Role playing and designing the augmented reality games will put into practice what students have learned during workshops and cultural trips. They
are expected to use their creativity to represent a cultural aspect of Rhodes and their own country.
The results will be augmented reality games and a film of the drama performance.
Students will film students engagement in preparatory activities and their interaction with international partners. The film will show students learning
something new and trying to use something new in a new environment and on a new topic while working with new people. Partners will integrate
augmented reality games into their outdoor learning activities thus making learning more interactive. Students will take part in techniques based on
the Greek drama depicting democratic procedures in an ancient Greek theatre.

The learning by doing approach will help all schools in their effort in making their teaching more student centered. It will also help prepare students to
become active and responsible participants in their own learning.
By participating in this learning event students will develop their soft skills: communication, collaboration, presentation, problem solving, negotiation,
critical and creative thinking as well as their ICT skills.
The European collaboration among people practicing drama in education in the context of active citizenship will unify the participants with dramapedagogical
approach and shared traditions and values.
Both students and teachers will improve their English fluency by working with their colleagues from different European countries.
Accompanying teachers will become more confident in taking the role of facilitators. They will develop their students self-centered learning skills and
continue collaboration with with partner schools through eTwinning group and project.
Schools will enrich their Curriculums and Annual Plans by incorporating new methodologies which will increase schools’ reputation in community and
this will lead to better enrollment results.
Schools will participate in more online and onsite projects and these activities will be followed by the media and dissemination activities thus
increasing school visibility.