The development of humanity and solidarity both in students and teachers is one of the expected results which will be achieved through this learning event. Students will interactively and collaboratively work with experts on first aid.
This hands on experience will enable students to become active citizens.
Each country participating in the project will conduct a survey about students’ knowledge and awareness of the importance of being an active citizens when it comes to helping others.
Through planned activities, students will learn more about first aid and all the professions based on helping people in distress.
Students will work in international groups on developing digital posters about emergency procedures both in English language and mother tongue languages. Students will create quizzes related to the first aid, blood donation and firefighters (using ICT tools). Polish school wants to share its knowledge and experience in this area as they have been working on improving these skills for ten years. They will make a small-scale survey of citizens’ awareness of the emergencies that the number 112 covers in order to prevent the unnecessary calls to 112 emergency. This activity will be included in Schools’ Curriculum and Annual Plan as a good practice to educate all students about the importance of being of assistance to those in distress.