In this JSE special attention will be paid to educational use of ICT. Each participating teacher will focus on one digital tool and present practical
advice and examples on how to use it in the classroom. Two presentations on flipped learning and ICT based learning will be held by experts bearing
in mind SAMR model.They will be followed by practical workshops giving the participant teachers an opportunity to plan their lessons using these
methodologies which they will teach on day 5 during teaching assignments.
During the event teachers will exchange their examples of good practice, obtain feedback from their peers and adapt their lesson plans to be
included into the RRC ebook. The expected results are the ebook which will be available online on all schools’ websites and in eTwinning group as
well as changed teaching practice of other teachers in schools.

This is the only JST that took place only virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemia and as such it was supported by our NAs.

WORKSHOPS – SAMR model and Flipped Learning

(Croatia): SAMR model and ICT based method 

(Croatia):  Flipped learning

(Croatia): Flipped Classroom

Croatia – guest speaker Anica Fintić: ICT LEARNING – FLIPPED LEARNING

Exchanging good practices:

Poland  Old Digital Tools New Ideas”       

Turkey:   Digital Tools

All teachers have also prepared a resource of online tools to be used: Online Tools

(Portugal) presentations of Learning Designers of ICT-based lesson plans and results 

(Poland) Designing ICT-based learning activities for outdoor learning activity to Warsaw using Learning Designer 

Teaching assignments presentations  (Poland)

Teachers from partner schools prepared presentations focused on educational use of ICT. They introduced some digital tools and presented practical advice and examples on how to use it in the classroom.

Portugal: Digital competences PORTUGAL

Croatia: Using Canva, Vocaroo and QR code generator

Greece: Teaching with Screencast-O-Matic

Turkey: Introduction to VOSCREEN and CRAM