The development of humanity and solidarity is the expected results which will be achieved with SLE. Students will interactively and collaboratively work with experts on first aid which will enable them to become active responsible citizens.

Each country will conduct a survey about students’ awareness of the importance of being an active and responsible citizens when it comes to helping others.

Students will be filming their activities in all phases and the small practical camera will enable them to capture some key moments showing
bonds being made and attitudes being changed. The film will be used in project evaluation and dissemination activities but also available online for
other schools to use them when teaching about active citizenship.

Through planned activities, students will learn more about first aid and the professions based on helping people in distress.

Students will work in international groups on developing digital posters about emergency procedures both in English language and mother tongue

Students will create quizzes related to the first aid, blood donation and firefighters.

This is the only SLE that took place only virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemia and as such it was supported by our NAs.