Before the meeting all students prepared posters coded with QR codes. Posters were used in a lesson designed in Learning Designer

All students posters coded with QR codes you will find here

  1. Students worked on the forum section on the Twinspace
  • Warsaw posters – our virtual tours of Warsaw, 
  • Virtual tour to Warsaw – capital of Poland
  1. They looked at the digital posters about Warsaw you and your foreign peers prepared some time ago —-> available on the padlet .
  2. They found the information under QR codes.
  3. Chose one poster with a place you most would like to visit. 
  4. Downloaded the poster they liked the best
  5. Thought why they would like to visit that place
  6. Uploaded it on the Forum on Twinspace and justified their choice of the place.

Which place in Warsaw would you like to visit and why? 

2. Post-moblity blog entry 

  1. Students comment on the blog POST-MOBILITY entry

3. End of the project survey questionnaire

  1. Students complete survey questionnaire  Evaluation of the project activities (Poland prepares)