During the one-week period the participants will be actively involved in all the activities in the real life context.
The participant will be involved in real charity events and voluntary work developing healthy relationships. Students and teachers will realise why volunteering can be seen as an exercise in democracy as voting once a year is by far not as important as a deed you do in your community.
All the activities will be student centered and the teachers will act as mentors directing and helping students. Students will be involved in promoting a charity event, collecting books, preparing games/songs for the people in need, making and selling food products and donating raised books and money. By making their traditional food products, students will learn to respect and appreciate other cultures sharing common European values.
We plan to involve parents,local authorities, school clubs such as Charity Club and Health Club, two non-governmental organisations involved in charity and voluntary work. All partner school have been involved in charity and/or voluntary work but the goal is to share experiences and good practices internationally in order to encourage each other to expand their involvement in charity/voluntary events.
The goal is to incorporate them into schools’ Curriculum and Annual Plan thus encouraging all students to become active and responsible citizens sensitive other people’s needs.