Every single day each foreign team

created the report of the day for our meeting

POLAND 04.11.2019

  1. Opening ceremony of the event (welcome, getting to know each other)
  2. TEACHERS presentation on blended learning Turkey:Generation Y for a charity event (Host Teachers Present to Guest Teachers)

3.TEACHERS Explore Turkey and Turkish Culture

4.STUDENTS  Designing bookmarks for charity and a poster for Book Collection Corner

5.My School – My Community   Guest Students Present in Turkish Classrooms and guest teachers accompany their students


6.Lunch at school

7.Blood Donation

8.City Tour of Fatsa

9.Getting ready for  the food degustation

10.Opening Ceremony

11.Food Degustation


Students-preparing cake and cookies for Senior Centre at Vocational High School’s Kitchen

Students-Visiting the Vocational High School

Teachers-Teaching assignments

Croatia: Blending Borders

Portugal: Key Competences in the Active Citizenship

Greece: Gamification in Classroom

Poland: Volunteering as a Part of Learning

(Guest Teachers present in Turkish Classes )

Teachers-Visiting a secondary school and spending time in the handicapped students class

Excursion to Ordu , Excursion to Ordu,visiting Cape Jason and Jason Church

Students-Visiting  the Senior Center offering the cake and cookies and spending time with the elderly.


GREECE 06.11.2019

This was an important day for our students today.

They had to prepare the food stalls for the Charity Event at school.

On the other hand, the teachers had to work in the classroom, because that’s where they belong!

They did some job-shadowing, i.e. host teachers present in turkish classes and guest teachers observe.

They first went to a Turkish language teacher (“Turkish Language and Language Families That the Partner Countries Belong to”).

Then the Geography teacher’s presentation was “ Is Location determinant on LanguageDiversity?”.

Finally an English teacher explained “Why do I have to speak English?”.


After that, students and teachers joined for the main event of the day!

The Charity Event was a real success! We all bought a little something to support this action.

The food section was especially rich and delicious thanks to the wonderful parents!!


In the afternoon our beloved students went for a paintball game to relax from this busy day.

The teachers went to Samsun and they visited Amisos Hill, an Amazon Village , and after that they had free time in the Shopping Center of Samsun.

At the end of the day, they enjoyed another delicious meal in their hotel.

CROATIA 07.11.2019

Outdoor learning activity

Excursion to Tokat,Ballıca Cave ,Amasya

We had the chance to visit Tokat shop in an old market and had local food for lunch there.After that we visited the uniqe Ballıca Cave which is one of the longest fossil caves in the world.In the evening we went to Amasya and enjoyed the splendid scenery by the river and saw an old mosque from the Ottman time


Dinner in Samsun, tasting melemen

TURKEY 08.11.2019

Guest Teachers’ presentations to International group of students

workshops by accompanying teachers: “Y” for “Young’’

Portugal: Generation Y: Volunteering

Poland:Generation Y: A blood donation

Croatia: Generation Y for the Children in Need

Greece: Generation Y: Accepting Differences

Teachers-Taking the books collected at the book raising compaign to a disadvantaged school

Students-Visiting a special needs school and donating the raised Money at the Charity Event on Day 3; spending time with special need children

Planting Trees in the school garden


Farewell Ceremony and Certification

Farewell Evening at the Youth Center